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J. Ryszkowska, I. Gruin, A. Glijer

Molecular weight of oligo(ethylenebutylene adipates) and oligo(ethylene adipates)

Polimery 1996, No 1, 49

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1996.049


The dependence of viscosity at 75°C (1475) on the number average molecular weight (Mn) in the range of 1800—2200 for oligo(ethylenebutylene adipates) (trade name Poles 55/20) was investigated. This dependence was described by an empirical equation: Mn - 1.34 TI75 + 954. The Mn value calculated from this equation was used for the determination of the stoichiometric quantities of diisocyanates in the production of machine parts from the corresponding urethane, urethane-urea and nitrile-urethane-urea elastomers. A considerable effect of the differences in the molecular weight of various production lots of this oligoestrodiol on the mechanical properties of polynitrile- urea-urethane elastomers prepared on their basis was observed. The applicability of the previously derived equation Mn = Z83 r75 + 380 for Poles 60/20 poly(ethylene adipate) to the evaluation of Mn of equivalent oligo(ethylene adipates) (trade names of Desmophen 2000 and Purate T-620) was confirmed.

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