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Network of universities and institutes for raising awareness on dual-use concerns of chemical materials

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In search for the partners from South Eastern Europe,

Caucasus and Central Asia regions

Industrial Chemistry Research Institute (ICRI) is participating in a project "Network of universities and institutes for raising awareness on dual-use concerns of chemical materials”. The Project is led by Italian Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Development, ENEA and financed by Directorate General for Development and Cooperation of European Commission, in the framework of Risk Mitigation Centres of Excellence and in cooperation with UNICRI Centres of Excellence. ICRI is responsible for coordinating the project in the countries of Caucasus, Ukraine, Moldova (SEC) and Central Asia (CEA) regions.

The aim of the project is to reduce threat coming from illicit or criminal use of chemical substances having dual-use nature. The project objective is to share and introduce good practices, improve procedures close gaps and rise level of awareness for institutions manufacturing, using or handling chemicals with hazardous properties or their precursors. The method used to attain the objective is to invite local institutions competent and interested in the subject matter into partnership, define the goals and means during thematic workshops and assist in creation of a network capable of achieving the goals and sustaining the activities by entering, in the next stages, into partnership with UNICRI and EU institutions in the accomplishing the fundamental goal.

We are looking for the potential partners in the region of Caucasus to carry out the task. There are no principal limitations to the field of activity of the partners. We particularly encourage and invite university chemistry faculties and academic institutions dedicated to chemistry and public safety.

The staff in charge of the project welcome all willing to enter into partnership and will appreciate any assistance and suggestions regarding how to attain the goals in the most effective way.

For further information please contact:

Leslaw Górniak

e-mail leslaw.gorniak(at)ichp.pl

phone +48225682033

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