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L. Stolarski, L. Karpiński, A. Wiśniewski

New grades of polyolefins at the PETROCHEMIA PŁOCK S.A. and plans concerning the development and implementation

of new polyolefins (Sponsored paper)

Polimery 1995, No 2, 116

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1995.116


New types of polyolefins introduced into the product line of the PETROCHEMIA PŁOCK S.A. are presented and their useful properties and applications characterized. Thus, new types of polyethylene comprise: film-grade polyethylenes, polyethylenes for the manufacture of infusion liquid containers, and new grades of cable-sheathing polyethylenes. In the range of polypropylene types, the following new grades are presented: extrusion- grade propylene/ethylene copolymer, polypropylene for disposable syringes, polypropylenes of enhanced transparency, polypropylenes modified by controlled degradation with organic peroxides. Plans concerning the implementation of some grades of filled and modified polypropylene compounds (in particular, those with increased toughness for the automotive industry) are also included. Oriented polypropylene films to be implemented at PETROCHEMIA PŁOCK S.A. are characterized. Plans concerning start-up of new polyolefin plants at PETROCHEMIA PŁOCK S.A. are also discussed.

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