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J. Ortyl, R. Popielarz

New photoinitiators for cationic polymerization (in Eng.)

Polimery 2012, No 7-8, 510

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.2012.510


Four new diaryliodonium photoinitiators have been developed and their performance in initiation of cationic polymerization of example vinyl and epoxy monomers has been tested by Fluorescence Probe Technology (FPT). The photoinitiators exhibit absorption characteristics compatible with the emission characteristics of medium pressure mercury lamps, which are main sources of UV light in the industry. This solves the technological problem related to poor match between the absorption characteristics of commercial photoinitiators and the emission characteristics of industrial UV light sources.

Key words: cationic photoinitiators, FPT, diaryliodonium salts

e-mail: jortyl@chemia.pk.edu.pl

J. Ortyl, R. Popielarz (268.4 KB)
New photoinitiators for cationic polymerization (in Eng.)