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Z. Wirpsza

New resins and materials from solutions of melamine in reactive solvents

Polimery 1996, No 7-8, 456

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1996.456


Reactive solvents (RR) of melamine (Mel) enable waterless solutions containing up to 60% Mel to be prepared in a fast and simple manner. These solutions, liquid at temperatures above 353 K, contain up to 100% of polymerizable substances. RR are multihydroxymethyl ketones, especially those obtained from acetone and formalin. At the temperature of dissolving of Mel the resulting Mel solutions become thermally or catalytically hardened to form solid and water-resistant melamine plastics. Before being crosslinked, they can be modified. Melamine resin synthesis may be integrated with processing (e.g., by reactive injection moulding) into one operation.

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