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J. Izbicka, M. Brzoski

Nondestructive tests on polymer composites via analysis of acoustic emission

Polimery 1993, No 8-9, 441

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1993.441


The analysis of acoustic emission (AE) studies of polyester composites with fibrous reinforcements (glass, carbon and aramid fibre) in the initial (nondestructive) range of the tensile, bending and compressive stresses were presented. AE method determined the intcrfacial damage of composite and thus made it possible to evaluate the quality of the fibrousreinforcement finish as well as the ultimate mechanical strength of the composite. Comparison of AE results with the results of the bending modulus and damping decrement measurements allows for a nondestructive evaluation of polymer composites.

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