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Maria Rubaj, Maria Uhniat, Marian Kowalski

On the possibility of separating polyetherified amines prepared

from o-tolylenediamine and propylene oxide by the GPC-method

Polimery 1980, No 8, 280

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1980.280


It has been attempted to determine the course of the addition reaction of propylene oxide to o-tolylenediamine by means of separating the adducts by the GPC-method. It has been stated that the introducion of 1—4 moles of propylene oxide per 1 mole of o-tolylenediamine causes the addition reaction. At higher ratios of propylene oxide, namely 5—6 moles per 1 mole of amine, the polyaddition reaction takes place with the formation of polyether chains.

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