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Z. Wojtczak

Peculiarities of polymerization of acrylic or methacrylic acid and their salt
Polimery 1994, No 7-8, 412

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1994.412


Basing on the literature data, the results of polymerization of acrylic acid or methacrylic acid in solutions at variour pH values were correlated with the behaviour of these polyacids in aqueous solution. It was pointed out that changes of the charge of polyanion macroradicals as well as of the fraction of counterions fraction associated with these polyions over the whole range of neutralization were not taken sufficiently into account in the hither to discussion. An alternative interpretation was presented taking into consideration the changes of electrostatic repulsion between anionic macroradicals and monomeric anions. The discussion of properties of poly(acrylic acid)solutions neutralized with some alkaline-earth metal hydroxides allows to explain changes of polymerization rates of corresponding metal acrylates and molecular weights of the polymers as well as changes of the yield of emulsion copolymerization of the acrylates with styrene. It was demonstrated that reactivities of metal acrylates in their copolymerization with styrene or acrylonitrile in nonaqueous solutions are not directly related to properties of the metal cations.

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