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E. Kilanowska, B. Nowakowski, T. Prot

Physical modification of polyamide-6 by blending with some copolymers

Polimery 1983, No 8, 275

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1983.275


The specific gravity, water absorption, mechanical properties in tension and flexion, notched impact strength. Brinell hardness and Vicat softening temperature have been determined for blends of Tarnamid-27 polyamide-6 with 0.5—20% by weight of ABS, MBS and EVA copolymers. As compared with pure Tarnamid, an increase in the softening temperature for blends containing up to 5% of modifier, and Increase in notched impact strength of all the blends and a decrease of hardness and bending stress have been observed. The best properties had blends with EVA copolymers.

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