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Polimery, No 1/1980

J. F. Kennedy, C. A. White 2020-04-27
The use of polymers for the immobilisation of enzymes and other biologically-active molecules


A. Raszczuk 2020-04-27

The effect of molecular weight distribution on the viscoelastic properties of polydimethylsiloxanes. Part I. Procedure and experimental results


A. Hibner, W. Łaskawski 2020-04-27

Investigations on the grafting of ethyl acrylate onto poly(vinyl chloride) in a heterogeneous system. Part I. The effect of reaction conditions on the yield of grafting with ethyl acrylate


E. Makarewicz 2020-04-27

The effect of a modifier on the rheological properties of PVC plastisols


B. Masiulanis, E. Jaczewska 2020-04-27

Polyetherurethane thermoplastic elastomers. The effect of the conditions during their preparation on the physical, mechanical and processing properties


W. Giżyński 2020-04-27

The use of a water-soluble acetone-formaldehyde resin for soil stabilization


Z. Andruszaniec, J. Zakrzewski 2020-04-27

Polyoxyethylene glycols and their derivatives as anti-static additives to plasticized polivinyl chloride


J. Fejgin 2020-04-27

The effect of impurities in 1,3,5-trioxane on the course of its cationic solution-precipitation copolymerization with 1,3-dioxolane. Part II. Cumulative impurities