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Polimery, No 3/1996

J. К. Jeszka 2019-03-11
New polymeric conducting materials prepared from well-known organic conductors


A. Bukowski 2019-03-11

Polymer—low-melting metal alloy compositions


K. Starzyńska, J. Mazur, H. Otwinowska 2019-03-11

Amino resins used in the production of wood-derived materials. Part III. The effect of modifiers on the properties and structure of melamine-urea-formaldehyde (MMF) resins


A. Wyroba, B. Siniarska, E. Witek 2019-03-11

Conformational and hydrodynamic properties of poly(N,N-dimethyl-3,4-dimethylenepyrrolidinium chloride) in aqueous NaCl solution


E. Rudnik, Z. Dobkowski, A. Winiarska 2019-03-11

Evaluation of lifetime of PVC films using the thermogravimetric method


J. Izydorczyk,. J. Salwiński 2019-03-11

Transportation of СО2, CH4, and their mixtures through membranes made of hollow polypropylene or poly(4-methyl-l-pentene) fibre


V. A. Anufriev, J. Stasiek 2019-03-13

Modelling of the coextrusion proces


B. Krolikowski 2019-03-13

The possibilities of application of utilized PET wastes as a raw material for producing injection moulded element


A. Wojciechowski, J. Pielichowski 2019-03-13

A new efficient method of zone spreading correction in gel permeation chromatography