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Polimery, No 4/1980

J. Skoracki 2020-04-28

Gels in solutions of viscose


A. Orszagh, A. Koliński 2020-04-28

Stochastic simulation of the radical polymerization in solution


J. Magryta, R. Gaczyński 2020-04-28

An evaluation of the adequacy of models describing the dynamic mechanical properties of filled vulcanized rubbers


L. Ślusarski, J. Michalak 2020-04-28

Structure of space network in vulcanized natural rubber


A. Gałęski 2020-04-28
Determination of the size distribution of spherical occlusions from photomicrographs of fracture surface or ultrathin slice


I. Daniewska, M. Szabrański 2020-04-28

Cryometric determination of molecular weight of polyterephthalates


M. Nowak 2020-04-28

Fatigue strength of Itamid I-35 (glass reinforced polyamide 6) after a physical modification and ageing


A. Kozłowski, I. Słowikowska, B. Chochlewicz 2020-04-28

Glycidyl ester of ortho-phthalic acid as a diluent for bisphenol A epoxide resin


A. Śnieżko, P. Penczek 2020-04-28

Terephthalate-adipate copolyesterdiols in the synthesis of urethane elastomers


E. Hałasa 2020-04-28

Cast urethane elastomers. Part I. Synthesis and properties of elastomers prepared from polyethers and copolymers of propylene oxide and ethylene oxide


W. Dębski, J. Małas, B. Olachowski 2020-04-28

Some properties of gears manufactured from plastics by solid phase forming