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Polimery No 8/1984

P. Kubisa 2020-01-14

Specific interactions in polymers with functional groups


J. Surowiec 2020-01-16

New field of application for fluoropolymers — manufacture of ion-exchanging materials


J. Żurakowska-Orszagh, G. Smółka 2020-01-16

Low-pressure po­lymerization of ethylene with a n-butyllithium/tetramethylethylenediamine complex


K. Karakulski, B. Talarek, H. Wojcikiewicz 2020-01-16

Synthesis of polyamidobenzhydrazydes (PABH) by solution polycondensation at low temperature. Part III. Studies of membranes from PABH's in the pro­cess of reverse osmosis


M. Rutkowska, A. Eisenberg 2020-01-16
The effect of the structure of polyurethanes on the homoge­neity of their mixtures with a styrene — styrenesulfonic acid copolymer


Z. Piotrowska 2020-01-16

Electron microscope observations of the structure of phenol-formaldehyde re­sins


R. Mieczkowski 2020-01-16

The determination of the com­position of urethane oligomers by the measu­rements of refractive index increment


D. Ciesielska, K. Kelar 2020-01-16

Foaming of polyamide-6 in the process of anionic polymerization of ca­prolactam