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Polimery No 9/1984

O. Vogl 2020-01-17

Polymers with functional groups


J. Pacha, M. Nowakowska 2020-01-17

Supported Ziegler-Natta catalysts


S. Spychaj, W. Królikowski 2020-01-17

Studies of the copolymerization process of silanes with components of unsaturated polyester resins. Part III. Homopolymerization of γ-methacryloxypropylotrimethoxysilane and its copolymerization with styrene


T. Słupkowski 2020-01-17

Electrical conductivity of carbon-black containing unsaturated polyester resin Polimal 109


Z. Jedliński, A. Kotas 2020-01-17

New polish-made structural and chemoresistant unsaturated polyester resins


A. Baniak, J. Bąk, E. Tracz 2020-01-17

New epoxide impregnant for the manufacture of copper-clad glass-fibre reinforced epoxide laminates


A. Kłopotek, G. Działa, D. Własiuk 2020-01-17

Synthesis and properties of sodium salts of copolymers of methyl methacrylate with unsaturated carboxylic acids


W. Mariański, A. Kwiatkowski 2020-01-17

Diffusion of gases through polyurethane films differing in their foaming degree, on the example of CO2 diffusion