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S. Slomkowski, W. Fortuniak, J. Chojnowski, P. Pospiech, U. Mizerska

Polysiloxane microcapsules, microspheres and their derivatives (in English)

Polimery 2017, No 7-8, 499

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.2017.499


The paper summarizes progress in synthesis of polysiloxane microspheres, as well as in preparation of their functional and ceramic derivatives. Synthesis of microcapsules with polysiloxane shells is also discussed. Structure and most important properties of the microparticles are analyzed. Presented routes used for formulation of microspheres include preparation the particles by a sol-gel process from the functional (e.g., containing vinyl groups alkoxysilanes) and by cross-linking of polyhydrosiloxanes with low molar mass or oligomeric divinyl compounds (in many instances also polysiloxanes). The minireview describes also synthesis of polysiloxanes from polyhydrosiloxanes and divinyl compounds in a process involving hydrolysis of ≡SiH groups to ≡SiOH silanols and their dehydrocondensation, carried out in dispersed systems. Synthesis of modified polysiloxane microspheres yielding the particles with controlled hydrophobic/hydrophilic balance [presence of the hydrophobic (CH3)3Si– or ≡SiOCH(CH3)2 and hydrophilic siloxane groups] is discussed. Preparation of the functionalized particles with epoxy, amine, and vinyl groups is presented. The paper describes modification of the routes of synthesis of the polysiloxane particles was yielding hybrid particles with the core-shell structure, in which polysiloxanes constitute the particles' cores or shells. In the latter case, the particles had the structure of polysiloxane microcapsules containing encapsulated inorganic or organic material. Preparation of composed microspheres, which in addition to polysiloxane contain a significant fraction of organic material is described. The paper depicts polysiloxane microspheres as an attractive preceramic material. Selected applications of polysiloxane based particles as carriers of catalysts, optical diffusers and phase-change microspheres are discussed.
Keywords: polysiloxane microspheres, polysiloxane microcapsules, functionalized microparticles, synthesis of polysiloxane microparticles, carriers of catalysts, phase-change materials, preceramic materials
e-mail: staslomk@cbmm.lodz.pl
S. Slomkowski, W. Fortuniak, J. Chojnowski, P. Pospiech, U. Mizerska (1.35 MB)
Polysiloxane microcapsules, microspheres and their derivatives (in English)