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B. Królikowski, T. Lesiak

Polyurethanes as plastics modifiers. Part. I. Some mechanical properties of non-plasticized

poly(vinylchloride) modified with small amounts of polyurethanes

Polimery 1987, No 11-12, 477

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1987.477


The effect of the addition of small amounts (0.1—5% f two types PUR resins (based either on tolylene 2,4-diisocyanate— TDI or on 4,4/-diisocyanate of diphenylmethene — MDI) on mechanical properties of unplasticized PVC has been investigated. It has been found that changes in these properties are the highest, when the concentration of PUR in PVC is below 1%. It has also been observed that modifying PUR resins differ in their behaviour. TDI-based PUR exhibits a plasticizing effect, comprising a decresse of ten sile strength of modified PVC (sr), decrease of hardness and increase in relative elongation at break. MDI-based PUR in a definite range of its concentrations enhances PVC elasticity connected with an increase in sr and an increase in Vicat heat distortion temperature.

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