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M. Kucharski, J. Lubczak

Porous polyurethane resins based on products of reaction of ethylene oxide (oxirane)

with 1.3,5-tris(hydroxymethyl)isocyanurate

1985, No 9, 354

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1985.354


Polyetherols with isocyanuric ring have been obtained from 1,3.5-tris(hydroxymethyl)isocyanurate and ethylene oxide. The polyetherols form polyurethane foams as a result of reaction with commercial isocyanates (Desmodur V-44. Izocyn T-80) and water. The foaming process and properties of foams have been investigated as a function of initial composition (the type of polyetherol and isocyanate, the catalytic system, the amount of water). Rigid and semi-rigid foams of typical mechanical properties of polyurethane foams have been obtained. Moreover, their thermal resi­stance has been increased as compared with that of typical polyurethane forms.

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