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M. N. Bratycak, E. N. Mokryj

Preparation of oligomers with peroxide end-groups on the basis of epoxide resins

Polimery 1990, No 11-12, 426

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1990.426


The course of reaction of bisphenol-A epoxide resin with various organic peroxides or hydroperoxides has been investigated. As catalysts of reaction, inorganic bases (KOH). Lewis acids (BF3OEt2) or quaternary ammonium salts (triethylbenzylammonium chloride) have been used. Organic peroxides and hydroperoxides used were as follows: t-butyl hydroperoxide, 1-methyl-4-isopropylbenzene hydroperoxide, 1-(hydroperoxy-1-methylethyl)-4-(1-t-butylperoxy-l-methylethyl)benzene t-butylperoxymethanol, 4-(1-t-butylperoxy-1-methylethyl)benzoic acid and hydroperoxide of 4-isopropylbenzoic acid. In this reaction oligomers with peroxide end-groups are formed; they contain also epoxide groups when KOH or triethylbenzylammonium chloride are used as catalysts. The kinetics of the synthesis of peroxide oligomers has been investigated and mechanism of their formation in the presence of KOH and BF3·OEt2 elucidated.

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