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A. Kłopotek, D. Własiuk, B. B. Kłopotek

Preparation of polymers for various practical applications: alkaline salts of poly(maIeic acid) and of its partial alkylamides

New ecological polyester resins with reduced flammability and smoke evolution capacity

Polimery 1992, No 11-12, 530

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1992.530


The course of synthesis of alkaline salts of poly(malcic acid) and alkaline salts of its partial alkylamides was investigated. Studies included determination of the dependence of the conversion degree of maleic anhydride in the homopolymerization process on initiator (dibenzoyl peroxide) concentration (in the range of 2.5— 20 mass-% in relation to monomer), temperature (80—145°C), time of polymerization (6— 1 0 hours) and reaction medium (toluene or xylene). The effect of time of the amidation reaction and of molar ratio of substrates on their conversion in the reaction of primary fatty amines with poly(maleic anhydride) was also investigated.

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