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Process of desulfurization of fuels

Research areas

Extraction of sulfur and nitro gen compounds from liquid fuels

  • Measurements of activity coefficients at infinite dilution,
  • Determination of selectivity and capacity for the thiophene/heptane, or pyridine/heptane separation from activity coefficients at infinite dilution,
  • Studies of fundamental thermodynamic functions of ionic liquids, temperature and enthalpy of melting, temperature of glass transition, viscosity, density, surface tension,
  • Studies of phase equilibria in binary and ternary ternary systems with ionic liquids,
  • Determination of selectivity and solute distribution ratio from the measurements of ternary systems such as {ionicliquid + thiophene, or benzothiophene + heptane} or {ionic liquid + pirydine+ heptane}.


  • Proposals of new technologies using ionic liquids,
  • The selection of save and functional extrahents,
  • Description of the recovery methods of extrahents and purification of final products.

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