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J.Perkowski, J.S. Miller , M. Jezierski, B. Jankowski, M. Wojtulewicz

Properties of the radiation-chlorinated natural rubber vulcanizates

Polimery 1980, No 10, 372

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1980.372


The radiation chlorination of vulcanized natural rubber has been carried out by treating its surface with gaseous chlorine. It has been found that the radiation-chlorination is suitable for modifying the surface of natural rubber. The tensile stress-strain properties, fastness to water, resistance to accelerated heat ageing in air, hardness, friction coefficient and cross-linking density have been determined. The friction coefficient of the chlorinated rubber was three times lower than that of unmodified rubber. Basing on the results of these studies, the optimum conditions of the radiation-chlorination reaction have been established: dose in the range of 80÷H1000 Gy and time of 15 minutes to 1.5 hour. Under these conditions, the degree of chlorination in the range of 0.15—1.2 %by weight has been obtained. It has also been found that chlorine sensitizes postvulcanization of natural rubber.

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