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K. Czaja, В. Dawidowska

Pseudoliving polymerization of ethylene in the presence of organometallic complexes of titanium

Polimery 1993, No 8-9, 374

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1993.374


The process of ethylene polymerization in the presence of some organometallic catalysts was investigated on the basis of a proposed kinetic model describing the investigated systems with an accuracy sufficient for process control. Concentration of active centres in the catalysts under study and the rate constants of elementary reactions were determined. It was found that the polymerization process in the presence of catalysts comprising ligands (macroligands) connected with the titanium centre via oxygen takes place in a manner similar to that of living polymerization, as both the oncentration of active centres in these systems and the rate of polymerization decrease very slowly during the process, and the rate of propagation is much greater than the rates of termination and chain transfer. It is the reason of a high kinetic stability of these catalysts and of the possibility of preparing polyethylene with a particularly high molecular weight.

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