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M. Sierocka, В. Łyk, A. Wrzyszczyński, A. Zakrzewski, J. Pączkowski

Radiation-sensitive esters of epoxide resin and cinnamylideneacetic acid

Polimery 1984, No 1, 4

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1983.004


A method for the preparation of an ester of epoxide resin and cinnamylideneacetic acid as well as the UV- and IR-spectra of the thus-prepared photopolymer have been presented. The effect of sensibilizers on the spectral sensibility of the ester has been discussed and the methods of a preliminary modification of the epoxide resin and its effect on the photosenslbility considered. The effect of the type of solvents used on the desired photochemical effect has been investigated.

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