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A. Deffieux, E. Adisson, M. Fontanille, M. Ribeiro

Resolution of DSC thermograms of LLDPE: a route to an analytical characterization of comonomer units distribution

Polimery 1994, No 10, 616

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1994.616


A procedure to improve the resolution of the melting thermograms of linear low density polyethylenes (LLDPE) has been studied. It consists in annealing LLDPE samples at descending temperature stages from the melt down to room temperature, prior to recording their melting behavior by DSC. Using this technique, it is possible to resolve the DSC thermograms of the copolymers into a series of melting peaks which, according to our investigation, seem to correspond to a separate crystallization of various families of macromolecules of different chemical compositions. The results obtained by DSC using the annealing procedure might open new opportunities for the characterization of the heterogeneity of comonomer distribution in LLDPE.

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