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W. Sarzyński, J. Jaszczyński

Sensory and instrumental (GC/MS) evaluation of food packaging quality

Polimery 2001, No 4, 261


Formerly proposed quantitative [1-3] criteria of sensory qualification of plastic packagings for food contact, based on determination of X factor value for real packaging films, have been developed. X values concerning odorants present in packagings can be estimated on the basis of sensory parameters as well as results of instrumental analysis. Parameters determined are: sensory dilution limit of the component investigated Pvo1 and packaging saturation limit mi,x, related to the critical values of factor X. Linear relationships between these values [eqns. (2)-(4)] permit straight forward estimation missing parameter provided two others are known, occasionally only Pvol- value is needed. Formulated criteria have been experimentally checked by instrumental analysis using GC/MS in SCAN and SIM modes. Eight solvents, common in food packaging overprints and suspected of latent toxicity were analyzed that way both in the sensory and subsensory ranges.

Keywords: food packagings, plastic films, migrating odorants, GC/MS analysis, olfactometry
W. Sarzyński, J. Jaszczyński (344.5 KB)
Sensory and instrumental (GC/MS) evaluation of food packaging quality