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B. Marciniec, J. Guliński

Silane coupling agents. Part IV. Sulphur-containing silanes

Polimery 1995, No 2, 77

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1995.077


Methods of synthesis, manufacturing processes and applications of sulphur-functionalized silanes, a class of silane coupling agents, have been presented. They are used a.o. for modification of white fillers in rubber industry. 3-Chloropropyl-trisubstituted silanes prepared in hydrosilylation and esterification reactions are the main intermediate products in the synthesis of mercaptosilanes, (RO)3Si(CH2)3SH, and of silanes containing a larger number of sulphur atoms, (RO)3Si(CH2)3Sx(CH2)3Si(OR)3. Processes of manufacturing sulphur-containing silanes developed at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań are discussed and the feasibility of manufacturing these silanes in Poland presented. The applications of this group silanes given in the paper a.o. for modification of mineral fillers and fibres as well as for reinforcing the sealants and shields suggest (also in the light of the Cite reports of the Polish scientific workers) a practical implementation of the process developed in Poland for manufacturing this group of silanes, especially in the situation of an unavoidable turn of the domestic rubber industry to the use of white fillers.

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