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E. Leśniak

Silsesquioxanes. Part II. Polysilsesquioxanes

Polimery 2001, No 9, 582


A review with 90 references covering methods used to prepare polyphenylsilsesquioxanes (PPSQ) and ladder-structured polymethylsilses­quioxanes (PMSQ) (formula I), viz., (i) three- or two-step hydrolytic poly­condensations of trifunctional silanes RSiX3 (R = alkyl, aryl; X = Cl, OR', OAc); (ii) stepwise coupling polymerization of RSiX3; (iii) polymerization of polyhedral silsesquioxanes. Methods to prepare insoluble globular spherical PMSQ and bridged polysilsesquioxanes (formulas III and IV) are als o reviewed. Evidence is adduced for the ladder structure of polysilsesquioxanes (formulas V and VI; Table 1). Selected physicochemical property data and thermal stability data are given. Principal polysilsesquioxane application trends are characterized.
Keywords: polyphenylsilsesquioxanes, polymethylsilsesquioxanes, bridged polysilsesquioxanes, synthesis, ladder structure, physicochemical properties, applications
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Silsesquioxanes. Part II. Polysilsesquioxanes