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В. Masiulanis, P. Siwek, A. Kwiatkowski

Solventless processes of preparation of a polyurethane layer of leather-like poromeric material.

Part II. Preparation and some properties of microporous polyurethane-urea layers

Polimery 1985, No 2, 69

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1985.069


A solventless method for preparation of leather-like poromeric resins from various urethane prepolymers is described. The properties of microporous films and coatings on a fibrbus base are found to be dependent on the type and molar ratio of initial polyglycols and diisocyanates. Home-made reagents, catalysts and pore stabilizers can be applied. The properties of leather-like materials of different structure of surface layer are compared with natural leather, Polcorfam and other leather-like materials.

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