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I. Menes-Malinowska, M. Żenkiewicz

Some problems in the manufacture of bottles Polish-made polyethylene

Polimery 1989, nr 12, 539

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1989.539


The main parameters of the process of extrusion blowing of bottles with a capacity of 3 dm3 from polyethylene have been characterized. The Polish-made polyethylenes, Politen PE II/003/G0 and Malen PE II/020/F1, 2, 5 have been evaluated. The results of determinations of the wall thickness distribution and electric energy consumption in the process of bottle manufacture under conditions of various temperatures in the individual zones of cylinder and of extruder head have been presented. More advantageous parameters of the extrusion process has Malen PE H/020/F 1, 2, 5, with a higher melt flow index than Politen PE H/003/G0.

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