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J. Milewska-Duda

Sorption properties of the system: natural rubber vulcanizate – benzeneastomer

Polimery 1985, No 1, 22

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1985.022


The sorption properties of the system: natural rubber vulcanizate — benzene have been determined and analyzed. These investigations have included the determination of the course in time of the sorption-desorption processes, the character of the sorption and desorption isothermals and the values of the degree of equilibrium swelling. The system under study revealed some non-typical diffusion properties, namely a considerable decrease of the Huggins parameter value with an increase in benzene concentration, an abnormal course of sorption and desorption in the function of time and a non-typical character of the dependence of the diffusion coefficient on benzene concentration. The films studied have been prepared by vulcanization of a coagulated latex film.

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