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S. Penczek, T. Biela, G. Łapienis

Star-shaped and markedly branched polyethers and polyesters

Polimery 2002, No 9, 600

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.2002.600


On the basis of the review of the synthesis, structure, properties and possibility of application of star-shaped and/or branched polyethers and polyesters some results of authors' research have been presented. A new original method of the synthesis of star-shaped and/or branched macromolecules of polyethers, based on poly(ethylene oxide) (PEOX) and diepoxides in the presence of basic catalysts, has been elaborated. In these conditions crosslinked core as microgel coupled with PEOX arms is formed. Such macromolecules, despite a presence of crosslinked fragment, are soluble because of PEOX arms (precursors of branches) connected to microgel. Another problem, studied also by authors' group, is a new method of the analysis of star-shaped polymers. This method corisists in using two dimensional liquid chromatography it means combination of LC-CC with SEC. At first the resolution according to the number of end-groups (branches) occurs and then — acording to the molecular weights.

Keywords: star-shaped and markedly branched polymers, polyethers, polyesters, synthesis, structure, analytical methods, two dimensional liquid chromatography

S. Penczek, T. Biela, G. Łapienis (1.23 MB)
Star-shaped and markedly branched polyethers and polyesters