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J. Magryta ,D. Jaroszyńska, H. Bęczkowska

Statistical analysis of the results of ten sile strength measurements on vulcanized rubber

Polimery 1982, No 9, 353

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1982.353


Tensile strength of vulcanized rubber, its fundamental pro­perty. is being determined by means of two strength machi­nes differing in substance in their electronic and mechani­cal structure. The effect of the type of machine used on the average values of test and on the distribution of the strength results has been investigated. It has been found that the results obtained with various types of machines are not coincident in the majority of cases. The suitability of application of various formulas serving for the calculation of the average value of the tensile strength has also been investigated. An analysis of the statistical distributions of the tensile strength results led to the conclusion that nei­ther the Gaussian distribution nor the double exponential distribution is adequate for representation of the test re­sults.

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