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Z. Bednarz, Z. Lasocki

Studies on rates and equilibria of transesterification of alkoxysilanes.

Part I. Kinetics of transesterification of n-amyloxytrimethylsilane

1985, No 6, 228

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1985.228


Rate constants and equilibrium constants of transestri- fication of n-amyloxytrimethylsilane with aliphatic alcohols ROH (where R = CH3, C2H5, n-C3H7, i-C3H7, n-C4H9, i-C4H9, sec-C4H9 tert- C4H9) in the presence of trichloroacetic acid catalyst at 20°C have been determined. It has found that the rate constant is highly decreased and the equilibrium constant is in less extent decreased with the increase of length and branching of alkyl R. Equilibrium constants of the same transestrification reaction in alkaline medium in the presence of sodium sec-butanolate catalyst have similar values to those found for acid medium. It means that the true thermodynamic equilibrium of the reaction has been reached.

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