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Z. Bednarz, Z. Lasocki

Studies on rates and equilibria of transestrlflcation of alkoxysilanes. Part II. Alcoholysis of multifunction alkoxysilanes

1985, No 7, 264

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1985.264


The rate of methanolysls of one alkoxyl group in two dialkoxysilanes, two trialkoxysilanes and in tetraethoxysilane has been measured. It has been found that the rate constants are decreased with the increase of the content of alkoxyl group in reactants. The rate constants of the reaction of dlalkoxysilanes with aliphatic alcohols are considerably decreased with the increase of the size of alcohole molecule. Therefore the mechanism of reaction is similar to that one proposed in Part I. Equilibrium constants of consecutive reactions have also been measured for series of two- to four-functional alkoxysilanes and aliphatic alcohols. Therefore the rationalization of transestrification of alkoxysilanes and the optimalization of synthesis of alkoxysilane oligomers is possible. Two examples are given.

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