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T. Idczak

Studies on rubber corrosion in technological media of the chemical fibres industry

Polimery 1983, No 8, 287

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1983.287


The mechanical properties of rubber in air and in media of technological baths used in the chemical fibres industry have been determined. The corrosion tests have been performer on the following types of specimens: 1. Without stresses (672 and 984 hrs), 2. under tensile stress of s = — 1450.2X 10-2 MPa (672 and 984 hrs), 3 under tensile stress of s = 1450,2X 10-2 MPa during 672 hrs and after removal of the stress in corrosive media during 312 hrs. The most aggressive media are humidity chamber and plasticizing bath, and the most destructive way of exposure in these two baths is the action of stress during 984 hrs.

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