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N. Hałaburdo, J. Lach, L. Studencki, A. Żółtański

Studies on the application of coumarone – indene resin as a modifier of emulsion adhesives

Polimery 1987, No 1, 22

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1987.022


With the use of the mathematical method of planning of experiments of the type composition-property, the possibility of using thePolish coumarone-indene resin in the formulation of an emulsion adhesive based on a vinyl-acrylic-maleic terpolymer Has been investigated. The effect of the adhesive composition on its viscosity and on the peel strength and short-termresistance to the action of 40°C of adhesive joint has been determined. The optimum formulations of the adhesive composition have been established and adhesives of a good useful charakteristics have been obtained.

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