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W. Dahlig, I. Tomaszewska. J. Łunkiewicz, M. Pyka

Studies on the application of suspension PVC to the preparation of pastes. Part I. Results of preliminary laboratory

and technical experiments

Polimery 1981, No 1, 24

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1981.024


The world production of the paste-forming types of PVC has been discussed in brief and their principal characteristics given. On the base o f this presentation the possibility of manufacturing compositions of full value from the paste-forming emulsion PVC of Polish production and o f poor quality together with Tarwinyl S 54880, a suspension PVC with good glassy grains, has been stated. Compositions of low viscosity and high ageing stability have been obtained, which can be used in the manufacture of many basic products, thus limiting and even completely eliminating the imports of this type PVC.

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