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Z. Florjańczyk, J. Ancerewicz

Studies on the esterification of poly(malelcanhydride-co-styrene)

Polimery 1990, No 5, 154

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1990.154


The esterification reaction of poly(maleic anhydride-co-styrene) (S/MA) with various alcohols has been investigated. Spectroscopic (IR, NMR) methods have been developed for determinations of reaction extent. The influence of alcohol structure in the course of reaction has been determined. It has been fund that the reactivity of primary alcohols is higher than that of secondary ones, and that the reaction of tertiary alcohols proceeds only in the presence of catalysts. Relative reactivities of alcohols in the synthesis of mixed hydrogen esters by the reaction of S/MA copolymers with binary mixtures of methanol and other aliphatic alcohols have been determined. Secondary and tertiary alcohols do not form Mied hydrogen esters. The relative reactivity of primary alcohols decreases with the increase of hydrocarbon radical length and its branching. Further esterification of hydrogen esters of S/MA copolymer has also been investigated. The re action does not proceed with methanol, however it proceeds with higher alcohols (ethanol, n-butanol, n-octanol) with conversion dependent mainly on the boiling temperature of reaction mixture.

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