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W. Dahlig, J. Łunkiewicz, T. Diem, L. Makaruk

Studies on the processes of cellulose nitrate destruction in solution. Part I. The effect of some physical

and chemical agents on the viscosity reduction of cellulose nitrate solutions

Polimery 1986, No 5, 169

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1986.169


The effect of several amines on the reduction of viscosity of high-viscosity-cellulose-nitrate solutions to a level characterizing solutions of commercial lacquer nitrocellulose at the same concentration has been investigated. The best results from the point of utilization of high-viscosity-nitrocellulose waste products (out-of-date nitrocellulose powders, celluloid waste) in the manufacture of coating materials and adhesives have been obtained by using hexamethylenetetramine and triethanolamine as degrading agents.

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