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E. Makarewicz

Studies on the stability of poly(vinyl chloride) organodispersions stabilized with poly(vinyl alcohol)

Polimery 1991, No 11-12, 428

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1991.428


Organodispcrsions of PVC plaslisol in various dispersing media conlaining small amounts (lo 1.5 wl.%) of poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVAL) were investigated. As dispersing media mixtures of equal volumes of cyclohexanone (dispersant) and n-amyl acetate, xylene, or acetone (diluent) were used. The solubility of PVAL in these mixtures was determined and its limiting viscosity numbers in them determined. The process of PVAL adsorption on PVC plaslisol particles in the investigated dispersing media was described by means of Freundlich isotherm. It was found that a higher value of adsorption excess corresponds with a higher solubility and a higher value of limiting viscosity number of PVAL. On the basis of Kricgcr-Dqughcrlyn equation and values of rate constants of the reactions of destruction and reproduction of internal structures formed by PVC plaslisol particles in organodispcrsions,the mechanism of formation of these structure was explained and reasons of the stability of PVAL-conlaining PVC organodispcrsions elucidated.

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