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T. Matynia, G. Nowakowski

Synthesis and evaluation of properties of chcmorcsistant epoxyfumaric resins

Polimery 1990, No 1-2, 15

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1990.015

A new process of synthesis of chemoresistant epoxyfumaric resins has been developed. It comprises addition of an acidic ester of maleic acid to the Polish bisphenol-A-based epoxide resin of the Epidian-5 type followed by modification of this resin (in the form of its solution in toluene) by reacting it with toluylene diisocyanate. This modification results in a lowering of the maximum temperature of copolymerization of uncured resins (initiated with benzoyl peroxide at 80°C) by about 90°C and improves thermal, mechanical and chemical resistance against the action of water and solutions of H2SO4, NaOH and NaCl, of the compositions cured in the presence of Luperox — Co naphthenate system.

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