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M. Lemmer, Ph. Bebin, M. Sepulchre, N. Marc, J.-Y. Moisan

Synthesis and photoconductive properties of polysilanes carrying

carbazole-based charge-photogenera ting groups (English version)

Polimery 1996, No 9, 508

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1996.508


Basic information is given on photoconductivity and its applications. In particular, two parameters, the charge-photogenerating quantum yield Φ and the charge-carrier mobility μ, characterizing a photoconductive material, have been defined. Polysilanes exhibit high p but low Φ. Incorporation onto the Si-chain of the charge-photogenerating groups based on carbazole was studied to enhance photosensitivity to a level typical for poly(vinyl carbazole). Syntheses have been described of polysilanes carrying 9-carbazolyl, 3-(9-carbazolyl)propyl and 4-(9-carbazolyl)phenyl side groups. Two synthetic routes were used: the sodium mediated polycondensation of appropriate diorganodichlorosilanes; otherwise chemical modification of poly(alkylphenylsilane)s was resorted to. The photoconductive properties of the resulting polysilanes showed the materials with the sites of photogeneration conjugated with the Si-chain to have become good photoconductors.

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