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T. Matynia, E. Pawłowska, J. Księżopolski

Synthesis and properties of nitrogen-containing unsaturated epoxyfumarate resins

Polimery 1999, No 11-12, 739

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1999.739


One and two-step methods were used to synthesize N-containing unsaturated epoxyfumarate resins (II). In the two-step reaction method, monobutyl maleate was added to an N-containing epoxy compound, tetraglicydylmethylenedianiline, to produce a resin I. In the single-step synthesis, the prior preparation of monobutyl maleate was abandoned and all the reactants, viz., tetraglicydylmethylenedianiline, n-butanol, and maleic anhydride, were introduced at a time (I). In a modified single-step method, no initiator (hydroquinone) was used to prepare a resin (III). In the course of the synthesis, maleate groups isomerized to yield fumarate groups (Fig. 1). Resins I-III were cured and the products were found to have closely related property data (Table 3). This fact indicates that the properties were practically unaffected by the synthesis route. Resin III (no hydroquinone used) was more easily curable than were I and II. The resulting resins were characterized by a good chemical resistance to inorganic substances (Fig. 3).

Keywords: nitrogen-containing epoxyfumarate resins, synthesis, isomerization of maleic to fumaric groups, properties of uncured and cured resins

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