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Synthesis and purification of organic compounds

Research areas

  • The epoxidation of acrolein to acrylic acid, in a continuous catalytic process, in gas phase
  • developing the synthesis of a trimethyl borate-methanol azeotrope to be used as a volatile brazing flux
  • technological works intended to practically apply the volatile brazing flux based in 70% on the trimethyl borate-methanol azeotrope
  • purification of perfumery compounds and pharmaceuticals by rectification and crystallization

Experience acquired in

  • synthesis of nucleosides and nucleotides -- compounds exhibiting a very strong biological activity
  • purification of high-boiling and easily solidifying organic compounds by a vacuum rectification technique
  • determination of purification parameters for fragrant compounds and intermediate pharmaceutical products by crystallization and rectification techniques (laboratory scale and semi-technical scale)
  • vacuum-distillation isolation and separation of stabilizers and preservatives to be used in perfumery, foodstuff and pharmaceutical industries
  • purification of sulfate turpentine and its application to make synthetic fragrants
  • synthesis of secondary alcohols used in foodstuff industries
  • distillation of essential oils to separate fractions to be used in foodstuff, cosmetic and perfumery industries
  • scale-up of processes, preparation of data for basic design packages
  • kinetic studies on chemical reactions, determination of reaction rate constants, reaction order, and energy of activation
  • application of Grignard reactions to direct synthesis of tertiary alcohols and esters thereof on a semi-technical scale
  • designing (1/2- and 1/4-technical scale) installations incorporating QVF, Schott, and Simax all-glass processing parts


Lidia Lewicka, M.Sc., Chem. Eng.
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