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Synthesis of acrylic acid and acrylic esters using renewable raw materials including glycerin fraction obtained through producing fatty acid methyl esters - completed


PO IG 01.03.01.-00-010/08

realized within The Operational Programme Innovative Economy, financial perspective between 2007-2013,

Priority axis 1. Research and development of modern technologies,
Measure 1.3 Support for R&D projects for enterpreneurs carried out by scientific entities,
Sub-Measure 1.3.1 Development projects.

Members of the Consortium:

Project value

24 682 275,26 PLN

European Union's share

19 244 000,00 PLN


2008 - 2014

Managing institution: Ministry of Regional Development

Intermediary institution: National Center for Research and Development

Project description

The goal of the project is to design a process of the synthesis of acrylic acid and acrylic esters using renewable raw materials. It could be utilized by chemical industry so that companies would utilize it and improve their competitiveness and innovation capacity. This would lead to their economic development with benefits for the whole economy.

This design shall be made available to all interested companies on a commercial basis.

Acrylic polymer market has grown significantly in the recent years in Poland, but it is mainly based on imported products. Domestic production of acrylic polymers is underdeveloped due to a deficit of polypropylene. In such circumstances starting a production of acrylic acid based on polypropylene would only further increase the deficit of propylene in Poland. It is highly demanded across Europe. Therefore there is a need for designing a new technology enabling the production of acrylic acid from readily available inputs. Furthermore, the expected oversupply of glycerin stemming from increased production of biofuels will be beneficial for Polish chemical industry and its global competitiveness.