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M. N. Bratychak, Z. K. Brzozowski

Synthesis of oligomers with peroxide end-groups on the basis of di(ferf-butylmethyl)-4,4'- azobis(4-cyanopentane) peroxide
Polimery 1994, No 5, 302

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1994.302


A new method of synthesis of oligomers with peroxide endgroups on the basis of di(ferf-butylmethyl)-4,4'-azobis(4-cyanopentane) peroxide was proposed. The initial monomers for the preparation of peroxide monomers were styrene, 2,3-butadiene and isoprene. Monomers or their mixtures were oligomerized by free-radical method. Kinetics of polymerization initiated by obtained peroxide was determined by dilatometry. On the basis of rate constants, the energies of activation and order of reaction were calculated (cf. Table 5). In the investigations the derivatographic method was also used (cf. Fig. 2), and the structure of oligomers was confirmed by IR and NMR-spectrometry (cf. Table 3) whereas molecular weights were determined by cryoscopy.

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