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I.A. Gritskova, E. Grzywa, M. Legocka, I. Krasheninnikova, I. Grzywa-Niksińska

Synthesis of polystyrene suspensions with an arrow size distribution of latex particles

Polimery 1991, No 11-12, 418

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1991.418


The results of inves liga lions of slyrene polymerization in the presence of monoalkyl phthalale (MAF) with Ci4-C2o-aIkyl groups, initialed by kalium persulfate (KP), azobisisobulyronilrile (AIBN), dibcnzoyl peroxide, dilauryl peroxide (LP), and redox systems of K2S2O8 - NaHS03 and K2S2O8 - rongalilc were presented. Polymerizations were carried out at various monomer/water volume ratios (namely 1 /9 ,1 /6 ,1 /4 , and 1/2) at a temperature of 85°C and stirring velocity of the reaction mixture of 600 rpm. It was demonstrated that polystyrene microsphcres with a diameter of 0.45 ц т and with a narrow size distribution arc obtained only in the case of using AIBN and KP. The mode of KP addition to the reaction mixture substantially affects the particle distribution and stability of the reaction system during synthesis. The possibility of using MAF as an emulsion stabilizer at high monomer concentrations in the emulsion was demonstrated.

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