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S. Bulik

Tendencies in the construction of melt spinning machines.

Part I. Spinning machines with winding systems with axes parallel to the front of the receivers

Polimery 1980, No 8, 273

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1980.273


The principal changes in the construction of melt spinning machines aimed at an increase in their output by increasing the number of threads formed at one spinning point and without changing the overall dimensions of the machines themselves have been discussed. The receiving systems adapted to building up several beams on one pirn as well as the problem of placing several pirns with axes parallel to the front plane of the receivers in the same receiving stand without changing the machine pitch have been described. These methods make it possible to increase several times the output of the old spinning machines, right to a maximum utilization of the melting efficiency of the melters. At the same time, the output of the machines has been increased and an essential improvement in the quality of fibre attained due to the shortening of the time, during which the fibre-forming polymer is in the molten state, what prevents an undesirable decomposition of the polymers of moderate thermal stability.

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