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M. Piaskiewicz, W. Parasiewicz, L. Ślusarski

Thc effect of transpolyoctenamer (TPOR) on the reversion of NR crosslinking

Polimery 1993, No 10, 458

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1993.458


NR vulcanizates containing O to 30 phr of TPOR and crosslinked with conventional curing system were investigated. Changes in the structural arametersof the crosslinking netwark of vulcanizates caused by incorporation of TPOR indicate that the presence of TPOR increases the degree of sulphur consumption in the formation of crosslinks during vulcanization, whereas modification of macromolecules with sulphur takes place to a minor degree in comparison with NR vulcanization without TPOR. This makes systems containing TPOR more resistant to the reversion of vulcanization. The effect of composition of NR/TPOR vulcanizates on their mechanical properties was also characterized.

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