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R. Sikora

The Barus complex effect and its dimensional and forming results

Polimery 1997, No 1, 50

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.14314/polimery.1997.050


The original Barus effect (1893) and its quantification measures have been presented. With polymer flow streams assuming complex shapes, e.g., on extrusion, the corrected value of the Barus effect (1980) is no longer sufficient; a redefined, or complex, effect and its complex value were suggested. These new notions were verified in a typical cellular extrusion line producing MDPE protective pipes for light wave guides inrelation to porophor and nucleant contents, 0-1.2 and 0-0.3 wt.%, resp., and toinner and outer pipe diameters. The mechanism of, and the dimensional and forming (inner pipe diameter, pipe wall thickness) effect consequent upon, the Barus effect were looked into. External pipe diameter and pipe wall thickness tolerances are given.

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